Step-by-step program
to reduce your carbon footprint

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UTurn is...

probably the world's easiest program to reduce individual climate footprint. A "diet" program with permanent weight loss.

Click on the mobile screen to the right for a guided demo of the app in progress.
This is a first mock-up of content and functionality in the app (only available in Swedish at this point) -  not necessarily how the final design and layout will be in the final version.

All feedback is highly appreciated!

Easy to get started

 Get on the carbon emission scale, see your current "climate weight", follow your progress and get insights along your journey.

UTurn is not a quick fix but offers a gradual and permanent change that makes a differnce.

Above all - have fun and be proud! All changes count.

Swedish Environmental Institute

UTurn is partnering with Swedish Environmental Institute - IVL - who has developed a carbon emission calculator. By this, we rely on science to measure individual climate impact related to consumption, food, transport, energy and other lifestyle activities.

If you don't want to, or can't, answer IVL's questions, you'll be assigned the average Swede's "climate weight" - approximately 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year..

Persistent changes

You are offered a fixed program with 2-3 steps per month to complete - and hang on to. You decide your own pace and can postpone steps for later.

Coming back to the analogy of diet programs: The key to permanent weight loss is small steps in the right direction, new habits that persist over time. The same is true for changes that lead to reduced climate impact. Diets based on immediate drastic results tend to be short-lived and possibly even counter productive.

Some UTurn steps are focused on knowledge about the climate issue. We believe that insights and deeper understanding will make it easier to challenge and change "business as usual".

Track your journey!

As you follow UTurn's (foot)steps, you will gradually reduce your individual climate impact.

Every completed step with measurable Co2 reduction will automatically be reduced from your start weight.

I want to know!

The climate issue is complex. As stated above, some steps focus on increased knowledge through (understandable) videos, engaging podcasts, books and other content we hope can both explain and inspire.

In addition, we'll publish creative tips & trix that don't necessarily are related to lowering carbon footprint but are generally smart and good for you and the environment.