Why UTurn?

and a few words on how we got here

A bit more
than ten years ago I got the face punch.
The growing itch had been with me for a long while. Something seemed terribly wrong. The fish in the waters by our summer home was suddenly gone. Forest fires in the Amazons, global floodings, coupled by melting arctic ices and lost crops due to unexpected droughts. People leaving their homes to make a living . The itch was real, yet I closed my eyes and tried to ignore.

Until one day when I forced myself to watch a TV documentary about climate change. The face punch!

Once I began to understand what this was all about there was no turning back. Simply not possible to keep ignoring and turn a blind eye.

I started by learning more about the issue, what's causing the climate change and its consequences. Then gradual changes at home. Started small, one step at a time.

We looked at all aspects of our family's daily life and thought about what we can do differently - and how (much) our climate impact can be reduced.

In the beginning, I was looking for some sort of manual or handbook that would give us all answers. A set program where you complete tasks and tick boxes.

I couldn't find one then, and still haven't stumble across one.

It also turns out that I'm not alone. A majority of Swedish women* are worried over the climate changes, and the same majority is willing to make lifestyle changes to address them. The problem is that they often don't know how to start or what to do.

That's why I have created a step-by-step program to reduce your individual climate impact. All based on our own experience and insights.
I call it UTurn.

The goal is to contribute to the behavioural change that leads to a "social tipping point" – where business as usual is something quite different from today!

Warm welcome!

* She report , Aller Förlag 2021

* Klimatoro och det okända politiska landskapet, SOM-Institutet 2022

* WWF Klimatbarometer 2020.